OC Breeze: Senator Newman’s “District of Choice” measure passes out of State Senate

Friday, June 2 2017

A bill to allow parents to continue to choose which school district to send their children to has passed the State Senate on a 36-1 vote. Senate Bill (SB) 52 extends the sunset date for the School District of Choice program to July of 2022. The program is set to end in July of this year.

“District of Choice helps to improve the quality of education in all of our local public schools,” said the bill’s author Senator Josh Newman. “This program allows parents to choose the school best suited for their child and in return helps schools be more responsive to students’ unique needs. District of Choice also results in more diverse campuses with more dynamic curriculum.”

Currently 10,000 students statewide benefit from the District of Choice program, in 47 participating districts....(Read Full Text)