OC Breeze: Senator Newman’s SB 503 Passes State Senate

Friday, June 2 2017

Senate Bill (SB) 503, authored by Senator Josh Newman, passed the State Senate with no opposition. The measure will allow taxpayers to continue to voluntarily contribute to a dozen tax check-off programs. The measure also extends the sunset date for the “Keep Arts in Schools” Fund to July 2022.

“I grew up in California and I went to public school here from second grade on. Arts education changed the trajectory of my life,” said Actor and CA Arts Council Supporter Annette Bening. “I support SB 503 because the ‘Keep Arts in Schools’ Fund provides critical funding that will help grow the next generation of creative, innovative young leaders.”

SB 503 would also set the minimum funding requirement for voluntary tax check off programs, like the “Keep Arts in Schools” Fund, to zero for one year....(Read Full Text