Five of Senator Newman’s Bills Move out of Assembly Appropriations

Friday, September 1 2017

Sacramento, CA – Freshman State Senator and Senate Veteran Affairs Chair Josh Newman had five bills come off the Assembly suspense file today. Senate Bills (SB) 52, 570, 728, 731 and 776 now move to the Assembly floor toward a final vote prior to the end of the legislative session in mid-September.

“As we near the end of session, I’m encouraged to see this legislation progress,” said Newman. “Along with my colleagues in the Veterans Affairs committee, I’ve worked hard this year to make sure my veterans measures are directly addressing issues affecting veterans and their families and in a fiscally responsible manner that also benefits the state. Improving the lives of veterans and their families is a large part of why I ran for office, so I’m excited to make the final push to see these measures become law.”

Four of the five bills that came off suspense today are part of Newman’s broader legislative package for active duty military, veterans, and their families. The legislation specifically aims to assist with re-entry, veteran claims and benefits, and accessing state benefits.

Senate Bill 570 will adjust the income and eligibility requirements for CalWorks so that otherwise qualified veterans are not denied assistance as the result of receiving GI Bill educational benefits. SB 728 provides leave benefits for CA National Guard members who are also State employees, to accommodate appropriate medical treatments after their return from service. SB 731 makes similar adjustments for classified and certificated school employees serving in the National Guard. And SB 776 will provide incarcerated veterans with assistance in managing their benefits and claims, thereby facilitating a smoother and more successful re-entry into society upon release.

A stand-alone measure, Senate Bill 52, will relinquish the portion of State Route 39/Beach Boulevard located in Anaheim from CalTrans to the City, thereby allowing the City to make necessary safety and other improvements as part of a larger plan to revitalize that part of the city.

All measures now move to the Assembly floor for a vote as early as next week.