Senator Newman Introduces Resolution Honoring ‘Neonatal Nurses Day’

Friday, September 1 2017

Sacramento, CASenator Josh Newman introduced SCR 82 today, commemorating September 15th as ‘Neonatal Nurses Day’ in California. The resolution was presented to representatives of Children’s Hospital Orange County as well as representatives from Sacramento’s Sutter Memorial Medical Center, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

“All medical care workers are deserving of our respect and gratitude but it takes a special person to become a neonatal care nurse,” said Newman. “This resolution pays tribute to all of the nurses who care for newly born infants at a time of intense vulnerability, as well as their families.”

Background:  Every year approximately 40,000 low birth weight infants are born nationally. As a result of the dedicated care they receive from neonatal nurses, the survival of these infants has dramatically improved since the inception of neonatal intensive care units.

The National Association of Neonatal Nurses celebrated the first Neonatal Nurses Day on September 15, 2000 to honor the nurses who care for the most vulnerable patients and their families.

The full text of the Resolution, adopted today by the Senate, can be read here.

You can view the presentation of the resolution to the neonatal nurses here.