Senator Newman’s Veterans Affairs Package Clears Major Policy Hurdle

Tuesday, April 25 2017

(SACRAMENTO, CA) – A package of legislation aimed at assisting California Veterans and their families with reentry, education and access to social services cleared a major hurdle today in the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee. The committee voted on Senate Bills 694, 747 and 776 respectively.

“As a military veteran, I’m personally aware of how difficult it can be for veterans to access state services upon reentry. Our veterans provide an invaluable service to our state and our nation,” said Senator Josh Newman. “We need to take every measure necessary to ensure our veterans have access to quality education and social services, and that they are given all the tools necessary to be successful in their communities.”

SB 694 would create a minimum requirement for community colleges to provide assistance to military veterans seeking higher education, ensuring that veterans are using their GI benefits in the most efficient manner possible. SB 747 would allow officers with the California National Guard to reside out of state but continue to serve in the California National Guard, as is allowed by federal law. SB 776 would designate a correctional officer at each state prison, who is accredited by CalVet, to assist incarcerated veterans.

The comprehensive reform package, authored by Senate Veterans Committee Chair and United States Army Veteran, Senator Josh Newman (D-Fullerton) now moves to the committee on appropriations.

Also heard today in Senate Human Services Committee was SB 570, which would clarify the eligibility requirements for CalWORKs ensuring that there are no obstacles for veterans to receive CalWORKs benefits.

Senator Josh Newman represents the 29th Senate District, which includes cities across Orange, Los Angeles, and San Bernardino Counties.