Measure to Allow Driver’s to Choose their License Photo, Passes California State Senate

Wednesday, May 30 2018

Sacramento, CA – A measure by Senator Josh Newman (D-Fullerton) that would allow drivers to choose the photo which goes on their California state driver’s license, passed the California State Senate today on a 34-3 vote.

Senate Bill (SB) 1407 will allow drivers to take up to three photos when they are at the DMV with a $5 fee assessed for each additional photo taken. The licensee would then be able to select from the three photos to decide which photo will appear on their California Driver’s License.

“Over the past three decades, in the face of shifting educational priorities and ever-increasing fiscal constraints, the offering of driver education has been almost entirely removed from California’s public schools,” said Senator Newman. “SB 1407 will create a simple but effective mechanism for generating revenues for bringing driver education back to California’s public schools.”

Revenue from the fees for additional photos taken would go into the Motor Vehicle Account in the State Transportation Fund. Moneys in the fund deposited into that account would be used by the department, to support driver education and training programs in public schools.

"AAA Northern California wants to ensure that teens have the proper tools to help them become the safest drivers possible. This bill will help make sure driver education is more accessible and will help better prepare young drivers to make safe decisions on the road," said John Moreno, Manager of Public Affairs for AAA Northern California.

The lack of driver education in the public school system can be costly for California families. Anyone seeking to earn his or her license before the age of 17 years and 6 months must use private driving schools for training, at a cost typically in excess of three hundred dollars. In their first decade behind the wheel, young drivers who have not completed a driver’s education course tend to be much more prone to accidents and other unsafe driving behaviors.

The measure now heads to the Assembly for their consideration.