Measure to Allow Military Families to Participate in Rideshare Economy, Passes CA State Senate

Wednesday, May 30 2018

Sacramento, CA – Today, the State Senate unanimously approved a measure by Fullerton Senator Josh Newman that would allow military families who relocate to California to drive for Transportation Network Companies, like Lyft and Uber, with a valid out-of-state driver’s license.  Currently, TNC drivers in California must possess a California driver’s license, creating obstacles for military families who wish to participate in the rideshare economy.

“Military families relocate 10 times more often than civilian families. Constant relocation can be very costly and difficult for families,” said Newman. “It’s important that military spouses especially have access to earning opportunities right away. This measure would help ease the transition of military families who are relocating to California.”

“With over 190,000 active duty members of the military in California, and thousands more of their family members, many of them with out-of-state driver’s licenses, current law makes it difficult for service members to earn extra income through TNCs like Lyft,” said Timothy Burr Jr, Director of Public Policy for Lyft. “We thank Senator Newman for authoring this simple but important measure that will allow military families to actively participate in the rideshare economy.”

Currently, 45 states other than California allow active military members and their dependents to drive for TNCs with an out-of-state driver’s license.  Lyft and Uber are supportive of the measure.

According to driver surveys, 10% of all Lyft drivers have served in the military and 26% of all drivers have a family member who has served or is currently serving our country. Since 2016, over 57,000 Uber drivers have verified their military service by self-identifying as veterans and military family members on the platform.

SB 1080 now moves on to the Assembly for their consideration.