Measure to Create Sports License Plate and Fund State Parks, Passes CA State Senate

Thursday, May 31 2018

Sacramento, CA – A measure to allow California drivers to order a DMV license plate with their favorite California professional sports team logo, was approved by the California State Senate today. Senate Bill (SB) 1189 would require revenues from the sports license plate to be used to fund operations and maintenance of state parks.

“Our state parks are our most cherished natural, cultural and historical resource, and yet they are woefully underfunded. We need a sustainable source of revenue for our parks to preserve and modernize them for future generations,” said Senator Newman. “The sports plate has the potential to be a major source of revenue for our parks. It also allows California sports fans to display their pride for their favorite team in a unique way.”

California’s 270 state parks were hit hard during the last recession and never fully recovered. Parks are generally the first to face budget cuts when the state needs to make allowances. The California sports license plate would generate approximately $380,000 for every 10,000 plates issued.

California has 20 professional sports teams in the NBA, NFL, WNBA, MLS and NHL, including the Anaheim Ducks hockey team who are sponsors of the bill. California is one of only three states that has professional sports teams but does not offer a sports license plate.

The measure now moves to the State Assembly for their consideration.