Press Releases

Wednesday, May 16 2018


Brea/Diamond Bar, CA– On Wednesday, the California Transportation Commission announced that a total of $87.7 million in Trade Corridor Enhancement Program grants was awarded to Senate District 29 for two critical infrastructure improvement projects. Diamond Bar was awarded $22 million to provide relief for the Route 57-60 confluence and Brea was awarded $65.7 million for improvements to the Route 57 Lambert Road Interchange.

Monday, May 7 2018


Sacramento, CA – A measure to help expedite infrastructure projects and save taxpayers money by creating efficiencies, passed the Senate Appropriations Committee today. Senator Josh Newman (D-Fullerton) authored Senate Bill (SB) 1262, which will help achieve some of the original mandates of Senate Bill 1, to save taxpayer money on infrastructure projects and use that savings to invest in further maintenance and rehabilitation of our States roadways.

Monday, April 30 2018


Sacramento, CA – The California State Senate today voted unanimously to pass Senate Bill (SB) 1030 by Fullerton Senator Josh Newman. The measure aims to further deter distracted driving by making the offense a moving violation, which would add a point to a driver’s record.

Monday, April 16 2018

Sacramento, CASenate Bill (SB) 1030, authored by Fullerton Senator Josh Newman, passed out of the Senate Appropriations Committee today on a 7-0 vote. The measure would add a point to a driver’s record if the driver is caught driving while handling a mobile device.

Tuesday, April 10 2018

Sacramento, CASenate Bill (SB) 1080 passed out of the Senate Transportation and Housing Committee today on a 13-0 vote. The measure would allow active duty military and their spouses and family members to drive for transportation network companies (TNC) immediately upon their relocation to California, with a valid out-of-state driver’s license.

Monday, March 12 2018

Sacramento, CA – Today at the California State Capitol, Catherine Ward of Fullerton was honored as Senator Josh Newman’s Woman of the Year. Ward joined 38 other honorees from around the state, honored today in the Senate chambers.

Said Ward:

Friday, March 2 2018

Sacramento, CA - Senator Josh Newman (D-Fullerton) today was joined by law enforcement leaders from ten North Orange County cities to publicly launch the North Orange County Public Safety Task Force.  Senator Newman and the ten law enforcement leaders discussed public safety specifically as it relates to developing gang activity, the homeless crisis, and proposed regional solutions to both.

Said Buena Park Police Chief Corey Sianez:

Tuesday, February 20 2018

Sacramento, CA - Senator Josh Newman (D-Fullerton) introduced SB 1407 on Friday, to allow drivers to choose the photo which goes on their California state driver’s license. SB 1407 would allow drivers to take more than one photo when they are at the Department of Motor Vehicles with an additional fee assessed for each additional photo taken. The licensee would then be able to select from the photos taken to decide which photo will be placed on their California Driver’s License.

Friday, February 16 2018

Sacramento, CA – Senator Josh Newman (D-Fullerton) today introduced SB 1394 to prohibit paying signature gatherers on per-signature basis in the state of California. The measure would prohibit the practice for state or local initiatives, as well as referendum and recall petitions.

Tuesday, February 13 2018

Sacramento, CA – Senator Josh Newman (D-Fullerton) today introduced legislation aimed at reducing traffic congestion and parking issues near colleges and universities by expanding eligibility for transit subsidies to more students.  Senate Bill (SB) 1119 will revise the eligibility requirements for Low Carbon Transit Operation Program (LCTOP) funds to allow more student and other low-income residents to qualify for free or reduced transit fares.