Press Releases

Monday, February 12 2018

Sacramento, CA -Senator Josh Newman (D-Fullerton) introduced a measure today to improve the transition prospects of active duty military, veterans, and their spouses. Senate Bill (SB) 1080 would allow active duty military, veterans, and their spouses to drive for transportation network companies immediately upon their relocation to California, with a valid out-of-state driver’s license.

Thursday, February 8 2018

Sacramento, CA - Senator Josh Newman (D-Fullerton) introduced legislation today that aims to dramatically reduce the incidence of distracted driving on California roads and highways. Senate Bill (SB) 1030, introduced in the Senate today, will strengthen current distracted driving penalties by making distracted driving a moving violation, and adding a point to the driver’s motor vehicle record for electronic device violations.

Wednesday, October 18 2017

Walnut, CA - Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. joined Senator Josh Newman (D-Fullerton), an Army veteran, to tour the Veterans Resource Center at Mt. San Antonio College yesterday. The center connects returning service members with education, housing, health care and employment services, as well as other resources and support to help ease the transition back into their communities. VRCs were made a priority in state budget negotiations this year, with $5 million set aside for community college VRCs over the next year.

Tuesday, October 17 2017

Sacramento, CA – All eleven of the bills Fullerton Senator Josh Newman sent to Governor Brown’s desk this year, have been signed into law. The final bill awaiting Brown’s signature, Senate Bill (SB) 673, was signed into law on Saturday.

Wednesday, October 11 2017

Sacramento, CA – Senate Bill (SB) 442 was signed by Governor Jerry Brown this afternoon. The measure updates the 20-year-old residential Swimming Pool Safety Act, and its common-sense and cost-effective modifications prevent drowning fatalities across the state by requiring an additional layer of safety in residential and public pools, while also requiring inspection of pool safety measures as part of the sale and transfer of a home in California.

Said Senator Newman:

Friday, October 6 2017

Sacramento, CA – With nine days left until the Constitutional deadline for the Governor to act on all remaining legislation on his desk, Senator Josh Newman (D-Fullerton) has already had six measures signed into law. Newman’s most recent success was on Thursday, with the signing of SB 503.

Tuesday, October 3 2017

(SACRAMENTO, CA) – Governor Jerry Brown today signed Senate Bill (SB) 570, authored by Senator Josh Newman. The measure will amend the rules that govern eligibility for CalWORKs, to ensure Veterans and surviving family members are not denied benefits.

“I thank Governor Brown for signing this legislation that is a simple, smart solution to ensure that our veterans and their families have access to the rightful benefits they deserve,” said Newman.

Tuesday, September 19 2017

Sacramento, CA – As the first year of the 2017–18 Legislative session comes to an end, Senator Josh Newman has sent 11 bills to the Governor’s desk and passed several important Senate resolutions. In his first year representing the 29th District, Senator Newman has focused his policy efforts on assisting Veterans, public health, local infrastructure, and education.

Thursday, September 14 2017

Sacramento, CA – Senator Newman’s measure to help assist incarcerated veterans with their claims and benefits has passed the Senate on a 39-0 vote and is on its way to Governor Brown. Senate Bill (SB) 776 will establish seven veteran representative positions within the state Department of Veterans Affairs, to assist incarcerated veterans with their claims and benefits.

Wednesday, September 13 2017

Sacramento, CA – On the heels of Governor Brown signing into law three of freshman Senator Josh Newman’s (D-Fullerton) measures, two more measures now head to the Governor’s desk for signature. Senate Bills (SB) 52 and 442 both passed out of the Senate today.