Gang Prevention and Homeless Intervention Regional Pilot Program

What others are saying...

Darin Lenyi, City of Placentia Police Chief

“We are pleased to partner with the Senator and other North Orange County policing agencies to make a bigger impact against youth violence and the homeless issues surrounding our City.  Both are a concern to our community and with this additional funding, we will be able to address these issues head on.”

Cory Sianez, City of Buena Park Police Chief

“This is great news for local law enforcement and for the communities we serve. This additional funding will greatly assist us in our efforts to reduce violence and homelessness from a regional perspective. We greatly appreciate all of Senator Newman’s support in helping us address these very critical public safety issues that will only improve the quality of life for those we serve.”

John Siko, City of Fullerton Acting Police Chief

“We are grateful to have funding that supports our mission to reduce violence with our local youth. Maintaining the safety and integrity of our community will continue to be a priority for our current and future generations.”

Mayor Carol Warren, City of Stanton

Public safety is a crucial component to any city desiring safe community, quality infrastructure, a strong local economy and a high quality of life.  The formation of the North Orange County Public Safety Task Force serves the City of Stanton along with the cities of Brea, Placentia, Fullerton, Anaheim and Buena Park to ensure regional collaborative efforts promoting healthy and viable communities.  The funding to the Task Force directly aligns itself to these aspects of public safety in the City of Stanton and regionally allowing for opportunities to design a range of programs, services and activities aimed to reduce violence in our schools and build a system of care in the issues surrounding homelessness.