By Megan Smalley

Excerpted from Waste Today Magazine

"California lawmakers passed a pair of bills, Senate Bill 1215 and Assembly Bill 2440, to create a statewide collection and recycling program for consumer batteries and products that contain batteries.

By Adam Beam

Excerpted from the Associated Press

"California lawmakers on Wednesday voted to let government workers hide their home addresses from public records if they fear for their safety, a response to the country’s continuously polarizing politics and pandemic policies that have fueled an increase in violent threats against some public employees.

By Megan Quinn

Excerpted from Waste Dive

"Both bills have passed and supporters expect them to end up on Gov. Gavin Newsom’s desk soon. Proponents have attempted to pass versions of these bills in recent years, but supporters say they gained better traction this year partly because of the rise in facility fires.

By Tiffany Stecker

Excerpted from Bloomberg

"California election workers would be able to block their addresses from public view under a proposed expansion of a program set up to protect abortion providers from harassment and intimidation.

The state Senate on Wednesday voted 30-3 to pass the measure (S.B. 1131), which is now ready for consideration by Gov. Gavin Newsom (D). The Assembly had passed it on a vote of 62-0.

By Laylan Connelly

Excerpted from the Orange County Register

"A workforce corps is proposed by lawmakers to help restore and protect one of the state’s greatest – and most vulnerable – assets, the coastline.

Creation of a California Ocean Corps won the support of the California State Legislature last week and is now making its way to Gov. Gavin Newsom’s desk for a signature.

Excerpted from Capitol Weekly 

By Will Shuck

"Driving a fuel-cell car means hunting for stations, dealing with shortages and managing an unfamiliar nozzle that sometimes freezes to the car — but Sen. Josh Newman loves it.

'I’m the self-appointed chair of the ‘Hydrogen Car Caucus,’' said the senator from Orange County, whose personal car is a 2021 Toyota Mirai. Sen. Dave Min, D-Irvine and Asssemblymember Bill Quirk, D-Hayward also drive, and advocate for, hydrogen vehicles.

'These are wonderful cars,' Newman said.


Excerpted from the Orange County Register

By Malia Mendez

"La Habra is set to receive $8.5 million from the state to repair a storm drain that collapsed, creating a giant sinkhole more than three years ago.

Stakeholders say this funding is the key to finally getting the renovation done.

On Jan. 23, 2019, a period of heavy rainfall caused the collapse of an underground flood-control channel in the northwest corner of the city. This in turn created a sinkhole 20 feet wide by 80- to 100-feet long in the Coyote Village condominium community.


By Adrian Meza

Excerpted from the Fullerton Observer

"In honor of National Gun Violence Awareness Day, State Senator Josh Newman and Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva hosted a press conference against gun violence on the steps of Fullerton City Hall on June 3.

State Assembly member Sharon Quirk-Silva speaks on the steps of City Hall on National Gun Violence Awareness Day. Photo by Adrian Meza

Fullerton Mayor Fred Jung was the first to speak, addressing the “uniquely American” phenomenon of regular mass shootings.