SB 660 - Vehicle exhaust systems: exemption - SB 660 will allow private parties, such as those in the automotive aftermarket part industry, to provide ARB with the additional resources needed to hire more dedicated staff for processing aftermarket part certifications.

SB 694 - California Community Colleges: Veteran Resource Centers - This bill requires the Chancellor’s Office of the California Community Colleges (CCC) to ensure that each of its campuses provides a dedicated on-campus Veteran Resource Center that offers services to help student veterans transition successfully from military life to educational success.

SB 715 - Department of Consumer Affairs: regulatory boards: removal of board members -This bill adds failure to attend board meetings to the justification for removal of an appointed board member by the Governor.

SB 1030 – Driver records: points: distracted driving - To increase traffic safety and reduce the number of preventable accidents in the State, this bill will add as punishment a point to a driver’s record upon citation for the use of an electronic device while operating a vehicle.

SB 1043 – Department of Veterans Affairs: veterans’ services - Will continuously appropriate the sum of $7 million to California counties to fund the activities of CVSOs who
help successfully connect California’s veterans with the benefits they have earned through their service. This bill would additionally require CalVet to develop an allocation formula based upon agreed upon performance standards and would require future funding to be allocated in accordance with that formula.

SB 1055 – Banks and credit unions: savings promotions - Will authorize state and federally-chartered banks and credit unions located in California to offer prize-linked savings accounts to their customers, and makes clear under relevant state law that these accounts are not considered lotteries or raffles within the definition of those terms. 

SB 1071 – Public postsecondary education: course credit for prior military experience.

SB 1080 – Transportation network companies: driver identification - Eliminates the costly delays and onerous fees in applying for a California driver’s license for non-resident active duty military, recently transitioned veterans and their families who wish to earn additional income as rideshare drivers by allowing for the use of a valid out-of-state driver’s license.

SB 1119 – Low Carbon Transit Operations Program - Will revise the eligibility requirements for LCTOP funds, to allow for more student and other low-income residents to qualify for free or reduced transit fares.

SB 1178 – California Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise Program: Time Limit on Participation by Non-Microbusinesses - will revise program participation rules so that a given DVBE shall have 10 years of eligibility to participate in the program, after which it would transition to a non-subsidized business model in order to facilitate further entrepreneurship and growth among disabled veteran businesses which might benefit from similar support.

SB 1179 – Public contracts: Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise Program -Would establish an appropriate penalty framework for failing to provide the information already required under existing law in order to help facilitate the accurate and transparent collection of data related to DVBE programs. This bill would also provide that prior to taking any penalty action, the awarding department would first be required to give the prime contractor a reasonable opportunity to cure the reporting deficiency and that if the prime contractor continues to fail to comply with the certification requirements, the awarding department must notify DGS.

SB 1180 – California Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise Program: Data Retention - Would require that an awarding department maintain all records of the information provided by the prime
contractor pursuant to those provisions; to retain the records for a minimum of 6 years after collection, and to establish appropriate review procedures for those records to ensure the ongoing accuracy and completeness of the award amounts and paid amounts.

SB 1189 – Specialized Sports License Plates - 

SB 1262 – Construction Manager/General Contractor project delivery method: Department of Transportation - Will grant permanent authority to Caltrans to utilize the CM/GC method of project delivery on an ongoing and open-ended basis, thereby giving the State maximum flexibility to achieve savings on some of California’s largest infrastructure projects.

SB 1304 – Veterans: transitional assistance program: funding - 

SB 1312 –State public employees: sick leave: veterans with service-related disabilities - Will modify disabled veteran sick leave benefits for state workers to match those available to public school employees, thus synchronizing and equalizing the two programs as originally intended.

SB 1345 – Controlled substances: repeat offenders.

SB 1394 – Petitions: compensation for signatures - Will ensure the integrity of the recall, referendum, and initiative process by requiring that signature gatherers not be paid on a per-signature or commission basis which incentivizes the deception of voters in order to obtain their signatures.

SB 1407 – Driver’s licenses: photographs - Will generate a new revenue stream to support a newly created Drivers Education and Training Fund, overseen by the State Treasury, which will support the development and funding of driver education and training programs in California’s public schools.

SB 1435 – State military: officer commissions - Provides for a simple and straightforward update the archaic language of Military and Veterans Code Sec. 233 to conform to the contemporary language contained in Military and Veterans Code Sec. 232.5 which was updated by the Legislature last year.


SCR 99 - Military and Veterans Suicide Prevention Awareness Week

SCR 101- Purple Heart Day

SCR 108- California Conservation Corps and Local Conservation Corps Week