Senator Newman's 2022 Legislation

SCA 6 – Recall Reform: Remove, Then Replace
Ensures that statewide and legislative recalls in California are democratic, fair and free from to political manipulation by removing the second question from the recall ballot
so that only one question appears, asking a voter to decide whether or not an elected official should be recalled from office

SB 835 – Health Benefit Parity for Families of Deceased Legislative Employees
Allows for the family of a legislative employee to remain on the Legislature’s health plan for up to 120 days after their death (in loving honor of my former Chief of Staff, Marc Hanson)

SB 855 – Childhood Drowning Data Collection Pilot Program
Develops a statewide system for capturing data on childhood drownings through a three-year pilot program to be administered by the Department of Public Health

SB 873 – Enhancing Transparency on CA Transportation Improvement Projects
Assures that the State's limited transportation funds are used effectively and efficiently

SB 921 – Digital Advertisement Transparency and Accountability (DATA) Act
Creates an easy-to-access online archive of all digital political ads used by a candidate or committee in an effort to improve oversight

SB 942 – Transit Ridership
Ensures the long-term viability and benefits of free and reduced-fare transit programs that expand access to public transportation and build lifelong riders

SB 971 – Pet-Inclusive Low-Income Housing Incentive
Expands access to affordable, pet-inclusive housing for low-income Californians

SB 991 –  Progressive Design-Build for Local Water Agencies
Allows Local Water Agencies (LWA) to contract with entities that utilize the Progressive Design-Build method in the execution of a public works project

SB 1036 – California Ocean Corps
Establishes the California Ocean Corps, an independent workforce corps that will focus on restoration and climate resiliency along the California Coast

SB 1064 – Pest Control Worker Safety
Ensures pest control worker safety and protects workers from financial liability for injuries and death on the job

SB 1131 – Extending “Safe At Home” to California’s Election Workers
Provides protection from harassment and peace of mind to election workers by allowing them to keep their home addresses confidential

SB 1193 – DMV Modernization: Paperless Notifications and Renewals
Enhances customer experience and efficiency at DMV offices

SB 1215 – the Responsible Battery Recycling Act
Creates a statewide collection and recycling program for consumer batteries and battery-embedded products

SB 1237 – Professional License Renewal and Fee Waiver for Deployed Military Personnel
Waives burdensome licensure fees for active duty service members

SB 1329 – Clean Transportation Infrastructure
Bolsters California’s clean transportation infrastructure to improve the customer experience for hydrogen and battery-electric car drivers 

SB 1377 – Ending Unfair Taxation of Awards in Consumer Protection Cases
Relieves consumers of unjustified fees while reinforcing the right for Californians to sue for defective products or illegal business practices

SB 1418 – North Orange County Public Safety Collaborative Expansion
Codifies and expands the successful North Orange County Public Safety Collaborative to ensure reliable funding and establish a pilot in a Northern California region

Senator Newman's 2021 Legislation

SB 242 – Reimbursements for PPE and Other Critical Supplies
Requires health care service plans and insurers to reimburse health care providers for PPE and other critical supplies during future public health emergencies
Status: Signed into law on October 5, 2021

SB 266 – Chino Hills State Park Expansion
Preserves open space and protects wildlife and biodiversity by directing the California Department of Parks and Recreation to incorporate 1,500 acres into Chino Hills State Park.
Status: Signed into law on October 9, 2021

SB 362 – Prioritizing Patients over Quotas
Prohibits pharmacies from imposing quotas on licensed pharmacists who fill prescriptions or provide other services. Instead, pharmacists will retain sole discretion to determine the appropriate amount of time required to fill each prescription and provide conscientious care to their patients.
Status: Signed into law on September 27, 2021

SB 442 – Modernizing School District Elections
Ensures that all school districts may smoothly transition from at-large elections to district-based elections.
Status: Signed into law on July 23, 2021

SB 660 – Protecting Election Integrity
Prohibits payment to signature gatherers on a per-signature or “bounty” basis for initiatives, referendums or recall efforts.
Status: Vetoed by Governor

SB 289 – Better Battery Recycling and Fire Risk Reduction
Requires the installation of battery collection bins at large retailers across the state so that consumers may dispose of batteries safely rather than discard them into the garbage.
Status: Held in Senate Appropriations

Senator Newman's 2021 State Budget Wins
Senator Josh Newman secured state funding for various district priorities in the 2021-22 State Budget, including: 

  • $29.5 million for the preservation of West Coyote Hills.
  • $17.9 million to expand and modernize the ALERTWildfire Fire Camera Mapping System.
  • $7.8 million for the North Orange County Public Safety Task Force.
  • $2.75 million to complete the Hunt Library Revitalization Project in the City of Fullerton.
  • $2 million for a coordinated data-sharing platform to share information across Orange County’s five different systems of care and program, including health care, behavioral health, and housing.
  • $350,000 for the City of West Covina Fire Department to improve wildfire response.
  • $80,000 for the Tres Hermanos Conservation Authority to perform wildfire prevention services in the City of Chino Hills.